Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walking the Line

I know that my posts are following the same theme. Some of my readers are dismayed, wondering if perhaps I'm too obsessed with the afterlife. After all, aren't there plenty of things to write about in this life?

Yes. Of course.

At work, I have a pack of delinquents in one of my classes that have turned it into "The ADHD Class From Hell". I have meetings where I get teary and unprofessional, because my boss makes comments like (upon my request for more release time in order to save the college from collapse and loss of accreditation), "we don't want to throw good money after bad." I AM NOT BAD MONEY, I protest, and he agrees, and we work it out.

At home, Dark Osprey was stood up by a friend, and I now despise that friend's mother. At home, Gracie bites and screams because I don't train her. The cats shed and vomit, and I clean it up.

In the area of love, my husband and I are pretty happy, and when we argue, it's about whether or not I forced him to eat at Boulevard Burgers.

Family: My nephew is awesome. I love him. My sister and brother in law are doing well, but she wishes he had breasts so he could feed the kid more often. My parents are reasonably healthy, and I am freaked out that they will soon turn 70. That makes me think about mortality and death.

And that makes me think about the afterlife.

And that makes me think about ghosts.

See the problem here?

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