Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I won't tell you what I see. Tell me what you see. I took so many pictures through windows that night, and nothing came out even remotely like this, not even the picture I took before and after through the same window.

Paranormal phenomena are doomed to be interpreted differently by everyone. It's very hard to convince people that something truly fantastic, unusual or inexplicable has happened, and even if they DO believe you, or come to the same conclusion based on the evidence, the inevitable "so what" issue creeps in and destroys all possible consensus.

I am frustrated that people don't experience what I do, or don't see what I see, or don't interpret reality the same way. Then I think, well, no one interprets reality the same way, and not even "scientific" results are universally accepted; the "lab test" that determines what is true and real often falls apart when someone else disproves it, shows the results to be tainted somehow, or it simply is ignored because no one knows what the hell to make of it.

If 20 people saw a ghost, it would create a sensation for awhile, and then all interest and curiosity would vanish; we always return to the status quo, always take refuge in what we know and understand. That is just human nature, it appears. We don't change our world view because to do so would require a new relationship to reality. That is too frightening for most of us.

I am not pretending that the above image in anything but an odd reflection in a window. I say that, but I don't believe it. I was there and I've looked at all my other pictures, and I can tell you that what I see, if it could be verified by anyone else, would change my world.

What do you see?


Luke said...

That Criss Angel is EVERYWHERE!

Patch said...

I see E.T.