Thursday, July 3, 2008

Empress Kiva Addresses Her Subjects

Greetings, darlings.

I've fallen from sight recently since my sudden fame and good fortune have occasioned too much notoriety around town, and I am dreadfully allergic to "the fans". Not the true aficionados, mind you, but those who have completely misunderstood Empress Kiva's Goth Guides and taken them to be some kind of manifesto for alternative chic, which of course they are not.

For those of you who comprehend on a deeper level the kind of commitment it takes to be Goth royalty, I am throwing you a bone--you slavish, silly, drooling beasties. You live for these private an delectable morsels I am throwing your way, don't you? Well, that's understandable; so many of you lead such drab, weary little lives. So I present to you, my slobbering and adoring minions, The Man in My Life.

He's just gorgeous, isn't he? Would you have expected less from me? We met at a very dark and very exclusive enclave in the depths of this famous European capitol, whose name I shall not reveal. It's the kind of place with no address and nothing to advertise it, since if you have to search for it, you shouldn't be there. He was savoring a Cosmopolitan and a very fine Cuban (cigar, that is, I have no reason to question his preferences in that regard) when we noticed each other. Ah, my creatures of the underground, this was no casual glance, no prelude to a pick up or some casual vampiric encounter; no. This was instant erotic karma, my reward for the miseries of hundreds of painful lives. He did not have to summon me, for I was by his side in an instant. His fingers brushed mine leaving tiny trails of heat.

I will not reveal any more than that, for he is nothing if not discreet. Nothing like you silly gossip hounds that live for these details, that you make sordid in your unnerving inquisitiveness. Suffice to say that this glorious god of the darkly hip, post-Apocalyptic European alt scene is my disciple and my master. You'll all be seeing much more of us, my rotten little tomatoes, and one day I might even reveal his name . . .

In the meantime, Empress Kiva reminds you that the good life is just a matter of your powers of vision and creativity, in addition to some healthy egoism and discipline.

Take care of those who need you, love those who love you, and convert those who would harm you. Until the next time, keep the nails rusty and avoid the light of day.

Empress Kiva

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